SWOON Lounge Petit ,


Design by Space Copenhagen

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Swoon Lounge Petit Wood base
Swoon Lounge Petit Wood base – Model 1774
Larghezza: 74 cm
Profondità: 76 cm
Altezza: 84 cm
Altezza seduta: 41 cm


SWOON Lounge Petit

A line extension from the Swoon Lounge, the Swoon Lounge Petit has a similar shape but it’s more upright and somewhat smaller. The one-piece shell merging the back, seat and armrests are fully upholstered and come with a seat and cushion to add even more comfort. The legs are available in solid wood. Choose from a range of fabrics and leather to customise a solution that’s ideal for hotel lobbies and suites, bar lounge areas, private homes or any corporate HQ.